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Monday, December 31, 2007
HAPPY 2008!!

Kinda late but, Happy new year everybody! I had a fun night on 31st December 2007 with lots of fun people.

Went for Rachel's birthday party at her house. She invited almost the whole school I tell you. Her dad was nice enough to fetch me and Jennifer at Tebrau City cause we both has no transport to her house, and also dunno how to go to her house. Took some pictures with the birthday girl, which will appear later in the post.

And then, we went to church for watch night service, which starts at ten. Guess what time we reach there? About eleven o'clock. We punctual people. XD

Saw fireworks at 12.00 a.m. , I think that was from Danga Bay. Crazy people only go and squeeze at Danga Bay-- traffic jam like crazy, people squeeze like sardine tin, taxi expensive like anything. Brother went there last year, and guess how much does it costs? RM 200 per taxi! And when he reach home, it's already 3 am plus in the morning.

Anyway, back to the fireworks. We saw, or maybe should use the word "heard", cause we couldn't really see it due to our height and the view was kinda blocked by the surrounding buildings. I saw a lil bit though, managed to run to the other side of the church where the view is better. Woohoo!
Poor nessa, when she ran to where I was, the fireworks ended. Kesian betul.

Oh and the best part is when I go Jennifer's house to stay overnight. If you read my posts often, you will realise that i went to many people's house to stay overnight. As for jennifer, I started to stay overnight at her house since FORM 1. Hehehe so nice of her and her family. Oh and I played her brand new Nintendo Wii, which her brother brought from Aussie. My first time playing Wii!! It was soooooooooooooooooooooo nice but I lost for almost all the game we played. Sigh. What to do, first time mah. Hahaha.

The birthday girl with the heavenly chocolate flavour ice-cream cake made by Agnes.
Rachel, me and Jennifer. We draw and we draw and we draw on her pretty face.
We were kinda drunk that night, that explains what happened in this picture.

Happy 2008 everyone! MWAH~

Oh yes I'm drunk. XD

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hahaha this is what happened to the flowers I got for my baptism.

All dried edy. But I don't wanna throw them away, so decided to dry them properly and then keep in a nice glass bottle. Still halfway processing it, will show y'all the results.

Mom said roses resemble love, pretty, but fades away very quickly. What a bitter quote. You can copy the pictures tho, if you think they are nice. I'd love to share the pictures. Actually, i took about ten pictures of the flowers. You can request for more if you want to. =D

I L-O-V-E R-O-S-E-S!

Thursday, December 27, 2007
如果你关心一个人, 你会当着他的面说出来吗?

不说, 难道就代表着你不关心吗?

认识朋友不难, 要维持一段友谊才难。

很多时候, 不是不关心, 只是没表现出来, 难道这么多年的友谊, 还不能够了解我的个性吗?


























I managed to study finish the whole 500 question, the night before my test.
This is what happened when you burn the midnight oil.
Plus, burning oil is actually destroying our ozone layer.
Do not ever try that. You will definitely regret for doing so. Like me.

-----er hem..but the truth is, xiang yi is lying!-----

Hahaha kinda sure some of you are grinning from ear to ear when you saw the words I typed at the beginning of the post.
NAH, xiang yi not so "lao ya" ok, study last minute still can pass de! sorry perasan abit...Hahaha...

Yay Yay Yay~Joy to the world!!
Now waiting for my first driving lesson. I'm kinda looking forward for that. After all these annoying disturbing nerve wrecking lessons, I will be able to D-R-I-V-E, very soon!

Mwahahahahahahahaha i'm feeling good.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
It's Christmas, the day when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, 2007 years ago. A season of Love, Joy and Peace.

Wesley Methodist Church has a Christmas Service at Mawar hall beacuse our church has some building project on.

And people, it was great!

The church school kids performed a 30 minute skit. Very nice. I'd probably video it if my phone was not spoiled. Like nessa said, everybody involved in the kit deserves a round of applause. It definitely made my day.

The old pea brain king and his servants. Gabriel the angel and mary. The angel has no wings by the way. Wonder how is he going to fly.

And after the service, Uncle Lai asked me to join their care group for lunch at New Lucky. Actually I was asking him to drop me somewhere so I can take bus home. So nice of him. =)

That's about it. A very blessed Christmas i had. Thank You Lord.

Happy Birthday Jesus! and Merry Chrsitmas world.

Monday, December 24, 2007
Last night was a CRAZY night.

My high school Biology teacher a.k.a Mrs Doreen and her family(a.k.a. the Chan's family) gave me a big surprise when me and the others went to her house for caroling.

She baked a birthday cake for me! And also Jacqueline, the other girl who was born on the same day.

And everybody in the house and the fellow caroling team sang us a birthday song. I told myself not to cry but tears just roll down my cheek. So dem touched. But arrggghhh so malu you know....Crying in front of so many church members is really E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G!

And Uncle Gordon (Nessa's dad) was sick enough to take pictures of me crying. Now i know where nessa got her genes from.

We went 5 houses for caroling that night. Super tired, the first few houses prepared lots and lots of nice food and we kept eating and eating and eating. Eat until so tired. Hahahaha I think I'm a few kg heavier now.

One thing that Nessa noticed is that when we finish singing the Christmas carols, we are actually supposed to walk around and shake hand with the house master and family and their guests, but no, the boys actually rushed to the food right after they sang finish the songs. That's rather rude, but Nessa finds it funny.

After everything is over, Edwin fetched us to Mrs Doreen's house again. We nearly lost our way there, his sense of direction is dem poor. I used to think that guys are better than girls, but he sort of changed my mind.
Nessa's parents are still there, celebrating Christmas at her house with some other friends of the Chan's family. And I'm staying over at nessa's place cause my house is like so far away.

It was super fun at their house and also super tiring. Watched The Simpsons Movie also. I know, that movie crap alot but it kinda makes us laugh though.

Wanna say a big THANK YOU here to Mrs Doreen, Uncle Ben, Esther, Vincent and Elyssa. Thank you very very much for the birthday surprise. And thank you for making the birthday girl cry...

And also those who greeted me, thank you.

The birthday girls.

The carolers and the FOOD! Heavenly FOOD!

It was a fantastic night. Thanks everyone!

I had a fantastic 17th birthday, I really did.

Love ya all~muacks to everybody~

Saturday, December 22, 2007
As i promised earlier, here's some picture on my baptism!
By the way, today is my birthday also!
Isn't it amazing that God arranged me to get baptized on my very special birthday?
Not many people has this kind of opportunity you know...
I'm grateful =D
Thank you God, truly you are great!

Nessa, me and Elyssa.

Confirmation of Faith.
Me and mommy and flowers from friends. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Presents I get for my baptism. From left: (bouquet of flowers) From MYF a.k.a Methodist Youth Fellowship, Mrs Ignatius, Rachel and the Chan's family.

The ang pau is from my dearest mommy! Got a new bible from church also. And of course presents from friends. I nearly cried just now, hope nobody realise...hehehe...

What a wonderful 17th birthday. Thank you everyone who sms-ed me and greeted me!

xiang yi is finally 17! =D

Today is a special day. 22th Dec, one day before my birthday! Which is, about 3 hours (less than) away from now!

Plus, your very own Miss Xiang Yi, is getting BAPTIZED tomorrow!! Which is, 14 hours later, during Sunday Service!

I'm excited i'm excited. XD
Tell you more tomorrow night when i return home after caroling.
Wait.I'm not going back home tomorrow, going to stay at nessa's house tomorrow night!
So maybe updates will be available on monday afternoon, hopefully.
Be patient my fellow readers, patient yea.

Now let me talk about what happened today.

Today is a day we call "Dong Zhi" (chinese word,obviously), which means the arrival of winter.
We eat "Tang Yuan", 'tang" stands for soup, "yuan" stands for round, and it's soaked in sweet ginger water, which is shown in the pictures below.

Don't mind the explanation, it was only meant for those who don't know. Spare a thought for them.

This is some kind of flour, I don't know what you call it in English.
It's called "nuo mi fen" in Chinese.
Mom says in English is "glutinous rice flour".
Sounds rather funny to me. I don't know, maybe right.
You can buy it from most of the grocery store. Kinda cheap i think.

Then, mix it with water and rub it until it becomes a soft and bouncy dough.
Next, make it into small round particles. You can make those with red bean filling, or maybe peanuts, up to you.

After everything is ready, it's time to cook the soup. You'll need ginger and pandan leaves to make it taste better.
Ta-dang!! tang yuan is ready!
My parents love it, but I'm not really a big fan of it.
Maybe you can try it next year, but make sure you get the right recipe. Mine is just a basic guide. I warn you, DO NOT FOLLOW. xiang yi will not be responsible for any explosion.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Teenstreet 2007 Contagious people. Here's the challenge--spot me!

Woo! i'm back form TeenStreet camp! it was held in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar at Seremban, from 8th to 13th Dec. Sorry for delay. Should update bout that ealier.


The theme of the camp is being CONTAGIOUS. It's a Christian camp btw. Learn alot throughout this camp, and experience alot of things. Had so much fun during this camp, and if you are a Christian too, i would recommend you to join this camp next year. But the, you must be under 17 and above 13. Sad la, next year i'm not able to join dy T_T but newayz i still can register as helper. 18 and above are qualify to be one of the crew~

And i joined Dance and Drama team! woot! shall upload some of the pictures next time. I don't have much pictures with me now, still waiting for the Teenstreet Crew to post me the DVD.

The first picture is taken at I-zone when we were playin Heart Attack. We created soooo much noise there. Hahaha luckily didn't kena scold.

The guy in yellow rain coat is our beloved smoky BIBLE MAN! HE claimed that he is the son of Darth Vader. Duhh only if you believe.

The worship band is called "1 a.m." They explained it before but i forgot the meaning. hahaha old people has poor memory, forgive me aite.

Next one is me and my NET members at the prayer fountian. From left, Lin Li->Te May->me->Pauline the coach->Cora->Amanda->Grace. Miss them soooo much.

And the whole group of people posing there, that's the JB FOLKS! We were one of the largest group there. 30++ people man!

It was such a memorable experience to me. Oh and, I was thrown into the pool! I think I'm the only person who kena pushed in through out the whole camp. SUEH....and my phone masuk air and gotta repair it. ..T_T sobs...

For more pictures and details of the camp, view this site:http://teenstreetmalaysia.blogspot.com/

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Today was a sucking day. SUCKS TO THE MAX.

Don't ask me why.


Cried so hard just now. Like everything that goes wrong is my fault.


Will update bout my camp next time. But not now. Totally no mood at all.

Don't talk to me, please leave me alone!!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Just now went shopping with mom at Tebrau City.

I desperately need a new luggage.
Am going for a camp this Saturady for 6 days but the campsite does not provide anything other than a bed. Which means I have to bring my own pillow, pillow case, bedsheet and blanket. Stupid!!!!
And myluggage is not big enough to squeeze all that in.
Poor me gotta buy a new one.

When we were walking around looking for the Samsonite shop, there i saw a guy whom i used to think is the most handsome guy i have ever seen.
But I was totally shocked when i saw him. Couldn't recognize him at all at the first peek.
I was thinking: " Oh my God this guy looks crap."
Spiky golden hair. Shorts. Slipper. Piercing.
Wait a minute. His piercing looks so familiar. Not many people pierced at that part.
So I curiously turned back and glance at him.
I almost screamed "OH MY GOD!!!!" when i realise that he is that guy i used to admire. Gosh. His reputation all spoiled liao loh.
Looks really scary.
Prefer his looks when he was in Form 5.
I miss those times!!!!

People do change, some changes may be good but some are really disaster.
If the changes didn't make us any better, it's better we dont change.
That's what I think.

Oh by the way, I have no offence yea. Do not take it personal. =)

Monday, December 3, 2007



去了新开不久的Dataran Pahlawan,还有对面的Mahkota Parade.


Mahkota Parade 布置得很有圣诞气氛哦。不过我想说句公道话,圣诞节关圣诞老人什么事啊?圣诞节是为了纪念耶稣降生,不然为什么叫 “圣诞”? 英文名也是啊,CHRISTmas, it's all about christ, what the hell has to do with that red shirt old man and his pathetic reindeers?

Anyways,here's de picture of santa and his little helper. He looks really funny if you see from the side: a skinny guy with a big pillow stuffed in his shirt. You can take picture with him, it will cost you 6 dollars per picture. Only a few family took picture with him, and de rest of the time he just sit there and wave like an idiot. I really pity him, has to wear such stupid coat in such a hot weather.

Oh and this, lollipop!!!



晚餐吃了Satay Celup,不是很适合我们的胃口,还害得我肚子折腾了整个晚上。


Was reading the undang book just now. Preparing for my undang test, which is near the corner!
And guess what, this is the picture I saw in the book.
I hope you have found out what's wrong with this picture.
Cause if you don't, that's something really serious.
You are a colour blind, pal.
The colour of the traffic light is TERBALIK!!
So hebat.
What else can I say?
Long live JPJ~ hooray!
or maybe i shall scream and shout "Malaysia Boleh!" like those brainless people who talk alot but did very few things for the people in this country.
Anyway....we are used to all this things, don't we?