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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A teacher was teaching her standard one students not to use kid's words but instead try to use adults words, like say "eat" but not "mom mom".

And so, she asked her students to make a simple sentence each.

Th first girl, Jane said: "I went gai gai with my mommy yesterday."
The teacher corrected her and said: "No dear, you should say : I went sopping with my mother yesterday."

The next student Johnny, also made his sentence : "I visited my grandma yesterday."
The teacher corrected him again and said, "No, boy, it's grandmother, not grandma."

The third boy, Little Jack, said, "I watched cartoon with my brother yesterday."
The teacher was super impressed and said: "Well done, boy, that was a correct sentence! Good job! So, what cartoon were you watching?"

Little Jack thought for a while and he goes : "Winnie the shit."

hahahahaha. idiot.

p/s: just in case if you dint get the joke, poo = shit.