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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Let's say 3 woman = 1 pasar malam.
And there are around 40 teachers in the office during recess time.
Now,I'm pretty sure you wont be surprise by the noise made by all the teachers during recess time, would u?
And irony enough, those are the ones who kept asking students to shut up in class.
Blah Blah Blah.

Same thing happened today during teachers' meeting. My first time ever meeting as a school teacher, and it was a kinda......different experience, I must say.
The teachers, most of them, are not so cooperative. If I were to organize the meeting, these people are definitely the last persons I want to meet.

Everything the poor Setiausaha says, they object, they comment, and they COMPLAIN. Bloody typical attitude of those so-called-experienced-teacher.
And the teacher who sat in front of me dozed off half way. CLASSIC.

Some of you may still remembered what we did in Form5, when we were supposed to draw a graph beginning with our TOV(take off value) for our major subject and every time after exam, you have to plot another point on the graph and so on and so forth.
If you don't, forget it then. Just some stupid paper work the stupid PPD asked us to do to KILL THEIR TIME. Brilliant.
Since the primary kids don't even know how to draw a proper graph, poor teacher has to draw it all for them. Since I'm in charge of BC pemahaman, BC karangan and bloody mathematics of my class, which means, I have 38 x 3 = 114 graph to be drawn by end of next week!!! D*MN IT!

The work load of a primary school teacher is really heavy I must say. Unending homework to mark, syllabus to be completed on time which is never possible but still gotta make it, and tons of stupid useless time-wasting paper work to be done weekly which drove everybody crazy.

And today's meeting finally ended after one hour plus plus wasted listening to the bloody project.
How I wish my meeting could be like this:

Hahaha. It's always good to dream once in a while, no?

[By the way, my class is still beyond my control. Sigh.]