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Sunday, March 15, 2009
It feels great to know that people do care for you and your future, but when people show too much concern, it feels a little........fed up.

Went to church this morning and all the Uncles Aunties asked about my results.
Some was a little shocked, I can tell from their face. They are expecting me to get 2 to 3 As, well, at lest, one, but disappointingly, no, I have none. No As, uh-uh.

Thank God there are still people who really cared for me and my future. These people must be angels sent to my side by God our heavenly Father.

Thank you Uncle Vincent, who kept encouraging me to go apply for everything and grab any chance I have, and never close the door for yourself, you wouldn't know what's God's plan for you, so just make yourself available everywhere.
He was continually convincing me that my result wasn't bad at all and if that's what God gave me, He sure has a plan behind it.
He has a point there, I really appreciate it.

For the first half an hour when we were supposed to distribute the bulletins, we talked about what course should I take and whom I can talk to for more advice.
And this uncle, who is ever so humorous, did not fail to bring me back my faith in God, and in myself.
Thank you very very much. All the advising and comforting does help a little to make me feel way much better. If I could I would have given you a big big hug.

But as for now, just give me a break. It's heart breaking enough to know that my 2 years of hard work is half wasted.