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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Today was pretty amazing. My friend's friend asked me about Christianity after watching a link I shared on facebook.

I must admit that as a Christian, I am not as strong as other people do. My bible knowledge is kind of limited. And so I began to search for help from friends on my msn list. Then only I realise, they were mostly offline!

When I was about to give up, a chatbox in facebook popped out, it happened to be one of my CLC member. She told me to ask God for wisdom and even prayed for me and my friend. And few seconds later the person whom I think has more experience on answering this kind of questions, appeared ONLINE!!

I was truly overjoyed and amazed by God. I guess God really wanna open this door for that friend of mine?

And so I'm answering his question now, at 2 am. Although I'm tired but I know God will give me strength and wisdom to answer him all his questions.

Do pray for him ok? Pray that God will open his heart to understand all the things that I've told him and all......