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Thursday, August 2, 2007

from left>>beng,shin asuka,wenxiang,jianzi,xy,phaysu n xiaotong. hui en is missing.

He ate the oh-so-heavenly wasabi,i guess.

our beloved seniors and the cactus we gave them as present. those cactus are really cute! cause i'm de one who bought it mah....hahaa...phay su and hui en and i was wrapping it n complain like hell, cos de stupid pot will lost balance and jatuh,den have to put te dirt and sand back into the pot and wrap again. =(

the whole incoming and outgoing board of director of nature n geography club 2007~ de DFA(aka desperate for attention) is the funniest fella of our club.

Well, this is like, the first time ever i'm writing this blogspot thingy in English. =) yes! try to improve my English writing skill. The killer MUET is really putting me up the walls.

No la, the actual reason is that i lazy to open the chinese star programme. sot-sot dy 1...hahaa...

last friday our club went for MP at SHOGUN, a Japanese restaurant near Leisure mall ( dun tell me u dunno where it is...), and is kinda like a buffet, 35nett per person. u can order any food u wan but must finish it or else ten bucks will be charged per 100g.

so,we,the greedy people, ordered lots and lots of food. like,tepanyaki, sukiyaki(trust me it doesn't taste good.) and heavenly-tempura. and yea, u bet, we ended up full until as if the stomach is so gonna explode. and our seniors who looks very,VERY fierce in school, was really nice actually. we really enjoyed during the MP. but we were the loudest group of people, about 16 of us and the poor shop is full of noise created by us. other customers looked at us like looking at those monkeys in the zoo. maybe we should behave a bit next time, though its the hardest thing in heaven and earth.

not much comment bout the food there, but it was really fun to dine with them. nice nice people.=) i'm beginning to like this school more and more, and of course the people here. whee! claps for me, i adapt to the environment very fast, right?? =)
looking forward for another lunch outing!! oh and did i mention? i'm from club geografi dan alam sekitar. the english name sounds more pro, it goes: geography and nature club. but we people are so fake,never do things that are environment friendly...hahaa...