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Friday, May 8, 2009
Teenstreets will be held in JB WESLEY!!!!!!!

How amazing God works huh.

Like evan said, compare to many other churches, our church is considered as a more abundant one.
He gave us an amazing new sanctuary one year earlier and made full use of what He gave to us. With this new building, there are much more we can do. Though there's no more field for the kids to run wild, but we have an amazing underground car park and super nice hall for both outdoors and indoors activities. That's good enough, no?

The uncles finally gave in and agree to host this camp in our church. They were kind of against this earlier. As you know, just like any old people, they refuse any changes in life.

God must have heard our prayers. I believe so. Truly You are great!

It's all His blessings, Amen!

Official Teenstreet Malaysia Website

Below 18, come join us and have fun!
Those above 18, do come as helper or coach!!
Its a whole new different experience and trust me, it is definitely going to be whole lot of fun.

Meet ya there =)