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23rd Dec
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Hey ya people!!!!!
Finally I bought the Big Apple doughnuts yesterday!
KL peeps please don't laugh, this is the first time JB has a Big Apple branch OK~
We dont even have J.co here for now. sigh.

I bought only two, but sadly both fails me just the same.
Not to say it tastes no good, just that it wasnt as good as i thought it would be, so it actually kinda disappoint me.

But after all still better than Dunkin Doughnuts i'd say. At least you'll have more choices here.
Witnut on the left, and chocalate at the right.
Chocoalte flavour which has chocalate cream or something on top and chocolate filling.
Witnut, some kind of super creamy vanilla cream topping and peanut butter filling.
Kinda like the topping, super creamy but not too sweet.

Both I rate 3 stars out of 5.
Maybe shall try out some other flavours next time.
But erhm my mum seldom goes to Tesco, so maybe gotta wait for another month or so.
I'm looking forward =)