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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
so there's this mission trip I'll be going from the 15th to 23rd of November.

I was told that I'll be in charge of prayer and worship session, twice a day.
That's really, really, not an easy task for me to accomplish.

I dont mind singing, but when the music instruments come in, most of the time I cant catch the beat of the song and there's a very high probability that I might sing it OUT OF TUNE. As in, TOTALLY OUT.
Which is something that has been bothering me since, I dunno, very very long ago?
I just cant get the beats right.
So how am I going to lead worship?

And as for praying, that shouldn't be a big problem I guess, they did not mention how long should I pray for each session so I'll just say what I feel like saying and let the holy spirit comes in. That's it.
And, uh, I have to plan and list down what to pray for everyday and also who are suppose to fast and pray and etc.

The whole thing. Oh God. Its a really big responsibility as the prayer session eventually effects one's mood for that entire day. This time, I really cant screw it again.

Pray that I'll be able to plan things well, and pray that God will prepare our paths. He shall lead my way and our ways.

[the stress is.......inhuman.]