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Tuesday, October 6, 2009
its been really awhile since i last updated my blog in English, sorry for all who cant read mandarin =)

This following week is going to be super busy, with all my quizzes and tests and assignments, and that bloody moon fest this Saturday night.
It might be fun, but the preparing job is pretty much a killer.
Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy every part of it, as it is part of my life and is, hopefully, what God wants me to do.

And thanks to all the stress, I fell sick again. Second time in a week. SObbs~
Went to the doctor yesterday evening after class and he was pretty amazed by my situation. Nearly 39 degree Celsius and still can attend school. What to do, lab test takes up 10% of my total score, if i missed it i really miss a lot of marks.

Feeling better now, thanks for all who showed concern and prayed for me, I really appreciate that.
[Though my body is week but my spirit is strong! ]

gotta take my medicine and rest again. Take care y'all~