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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Went to Jennifer's house and stayed overnight on Saturday. Had lunch with her and rainy who is graduating this monday (TOMORROW!!) and catch up a lil bit on our lives before we headed Leisure Mall for movie.


Conclusion :
1. Jacob Black is super hot
2. the chinese subtitles are super hilarious!!! "Cullens" is translated into 朱仁 , we were like @_@ omg what the heck and burst into laughter when we saw that on the screen.

Oh and see, what Jenn got for me from Australia!!

a lovely Billabong necklace!!!



love it!! thank you so so much! oh ya and she got me a singlet too but erm, too shy to post it here..hahahaha..oh and its white!!

Went to PC fair just now with jenn and rachel and bought myself this 320GB SAMSUNG external hard disk !!! only left black and white, so jenn picked the white one for me. nice!! love it.

Thats all for now, had a great weekend and is grateful for what God has blessed me with. ^^