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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Have you ever felt what I'm feeling now?

Like, its not your fault but the whole narrow world is pointing at you saying you are the one who is behind all these shit and showing you faces?

Man I tell you, this feeling sucks.

This is the way how we organize activity, we let u incharge, means we really trust in you, and if we trust the who thing on your hand, PLEASE DUN COMPLAIN AND SAY THE BURDEN IS TOO HEAVY!

YOU yourself said u wanna join, YOU yourself said you are ok with anything, YOU yourself said you can give full commitment in this thing, and now YOU YOURSELF IS COMPLAINING!!

Now what? You dun like it? Freaking get your ass out of the team then, we dun need someone like you to be in our team if thats the way you work. Doors are always widely open for you, stand up and walk out, ok?

Stop bothering me. I am so not going to be polite to you when it comes to second time.