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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Me just came back from a retreat with my UTeM scl mates at Port Dickson.
Have been asking God to give me a weekend away at a nice beach and here now He grant me a 2days retreat at Prot Dickson on first day of 2010!!
Truly God is faithful and his ways are amazing ^^
The sunset.
In the lift on our way to our room. My face looks really small here, hahahaha.
Lunch time!! so poor thing eat one plate of kang kung only T_T
And the whole trip was about planning the coming activities,so was kind of like grounded in the hotel room and only managed to have fun at the seaside for around 2 hours only..
Neways, we planned alot of activities. We're not sure how succesful its gonna be, it might end up nobody is interested in joining. But duhh, who cares, as long as we try our best and handle with pray and faith, nothing is impossible, rite?

All I need now is wisdom to manage my time well, this semester timetable is a total mess and I've gotta divide my leisure time wisely so that I can do my best for all the things I'm involved in. Joined wayyyyyy too many activities =(

Pray for wisdom, pray for courage, pray for less distractions and pray for stronger faith. Pray for me too, whoever u are =)

Jaiyou to myself!! it's gonna be a busy semester but sure sure sure its gonna be a whole lot of fun too!!!
Amen!! =)