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Friday, September 14, 2007
me and qiao shuang...

From left: Qiao Shuang, Hui En, xy and Phay Shu~

love this shot ^_~

Jian Zi and Yew Kit....she din really want to take pucture with him though...hahaa...

Yew kit the pervert and xy. He's a nice guy la though sometimes abit ham sep and abit annoying.....

Yes, like i've promised, here's those picture we took last week. I think i've mentioned it in my previous post. Nice rite? hahaa...finally found some picture-taking-kakies (aka camwhore)...haha...always wanted to take picture with them but didn't get the chance to. Yea, i admit i'm a coward la, i dare not bring phone to school. Scared my phone kena rampas ma...the discipline teacher神出鬼沒, damn scary 1 lo...kena rampas then sure habis 1...

Oh and about this picture, it's KROX'S HAND! super duper poor thing, kena bite by dunno what kind of mosquito until it swells like that...kesian...evil me, i even scared him that he sure will kena dengue fever...hahaa...such a good friend huh...

Today is my second day of working as as a librarian. Lst week din get to take picture so didn't mention bout it. When i was in secondary school, i swear to myself saying that i will NEVER EVER be so stupid and apply to be a librarian. Now? I've become a member of that tiny library of SSI. what to do, i need more coco points in order to get in to uni..sigh..we all have to bow down in front of the idiotic coco points no matter how hebat u think u are...

It was actually quite relaxing. Duty starts at 1.30 pm and ends at 4.30. But, ya like what you are going to witness, here's what we do in the library instead of what we should.

1. Have a good rest in the air-conditioned counter and thought nobody else is watching. GOTCHA!

These are the most valuable books in the entire school. It comes with a box and i think even a single box will cost u a bomb. (it's history of China, Myst of the world, myst of China history-unsolved case and some literature books, of course, in chinese.)

Our empty library. Mwahahaa, good news for us, no need to work so hard...hehee...空蕩蕩的~