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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The form 3s are having their PMR now. Hahaa, reminds me of those good old days, when we rushed out of the hall after each paper ended just to get more time to do revision for the next paper. And thanks to them, we, the lower six people, has ONE WHOLE WEEK of EXTRA HOLIDAYS!! I know you are jealous. Er hemm, just admit it.

And because of the boredom, I watched High School Musical 2 which I wanted soooooo much to watch but couldn't dig out an hour for it. It was sweet as it is suppose to be. About summer, party, loyalty and friendship.

I love every single song of that show. Zac Efron is getting more and more handsome, and i'd say most people think that he is drop dead cute! And the girl, what's her name again..oh ya, Vanessa Anne Hudgens! she's GORGEOUS. Not pretty, but GORGEOUS. Pretty people don't have cute personality, but gorgeous people do. At least that's what i think. sweet huh...=)

The role Sharpay, erm I'm not sure what her name is but let's just call her Sharpay, is kinda funny. Maybe she is supposed to be a very evil girl, but I think she's just too proud of herself. Maybe beacuse everybody was giving her all their attention, especially in her family, and I guess that's why she became such a thorn. She's not so evil la, trust me. Parents fault. She has a good voice too, just that she always wanted to be the ONLY SHINING STAR in the school and was kinda afraid that Gabriella is gonna be more famous in East Coast High, that's why she acted like a jerk.

Ryan was a funny character too. He's Sharpay's brother, but I'm not sure whether is younger 1 or older 1. Should be younger brother la, or else he won't listen to her annoying sister everytime. Chad, the best buddy of Troy(Zac Efron) since pre-school, is kinda cute too.
Chad!! omg i love his hair.

Oh and the pianist. Cute one. Love her the most.

Sometimes i think musical is kinda funny. One whole bunch of people jumping out and dance/sing together out of nowhere. As for the storyline, er hem, sorry, go watch it on your own and you'll know.

And i've got prove! See, people dancing together out of nowhere!

And the songs, i recommend "All For One", "You Are The Music In Me","What Time It Is" and "I Gotta Go My Own Way". Sorry for not posting up these songs. I couldn't find the code lah... But you can try to find those songs at www.imeem.com and you see a whole list there.