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Monday, November 3, 2008
I'm seriously thinking people nowadays are too stressed over the freaking STPM which is coming our way, soon, like, erm, 14 days away from now?yupp.
And that's probably why people are doing all the stupid things to distress.
Btw to all who wanna offer me prayers ( in any case), my paper starts on 18th of November and ends on the 5th.

The one thing I hate the most is about those you-know-that's-just-not-real rumours.
Why the hell is all these people spreading about the rumours like somebody is soooo (duhh) attracted to someone when deep in your heart you know that's just total piece of crap??
I just don't get it.
What's so fun about it?
Don't you people have brain or anything?
HELLo? Knock knock?

Just shut your freaking mouth and stop it!!
You are not doing any good for being so bossy and gey poh OK!
And most probably that's gonna make that person just lose a good friend the person can ever have.

I'm seriously hoping that all these people will kena one day for all this seeds they have planted.
When that day comes, I'm so gonna laid back and have a good laugh at all these people.
I'm evil, somehow, I know.
But sorry, at this moment, I'm so not happy with all these people.
Sorry for not being god-ly for this second, but I just cant stand it anymore.
*I'm so gonna bite all these people!!!!!*


[when i say shut up, i mean it.]