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Friday, November 28, 2008
It's been a long long day yesterday.
I had my freaking mathT paper 2 for the entire afternoon, from 2 to 5. It was super duple tough I tell you!!
And the stupid Form 5s were screaming "ONG AHHH!! HUAT AHHH!!" for no good reason all the way after their last SPM paper ended, but damn it we are still in the midst of our paper.
I was like "GAAHHH, I don't feel your joy, can you all just shut up?!"

And after math paper, I rushed to Jusco Tebrau City as it was Jusco Day, the day when every items are on discounts. Mom was already there waiting for me.
She actually went in the morning but bought nothing cause nobody was there to carry her stuff for her.
So after she fetched me to school, she went and shop for the second round while waiting for my paper to end.

As usual, it was soooooooooooo crowded!! Imagine the amount of people at Jusco on usual Sunday, and times 3. Yes, it was THAT crazy.
While waiting for my turn at the fitting room, saw this Malay uncle squadding outside the fitting room. No la he's not a pervert, just a husband waiting for her wife to get changed and give comments. So poor thing.

And while queueing at the counter, the person in front of me kinda worries me.
Look carefully into that picture!!

Yes, you saw a woman. Yes, you saw the clothes.
My goodness, did you see the luggage?
She stuffed all the clothes she wanted to buy into that luggage, and I tell you, there are easily 40 pieces of clothes inside that luggage!!!
Amazing stuff.

And when I was about to leave for home, JiaYie called me and asked me out for movie at Jusco.
Some sort of celebration for Jianzi's birthday actually.
It's her 19th birthday and we bought her a MNG wallet.
But that's not the problem, the problem is, I AM STILL IN MY PINAFORE!!! Nobody likes to watch movie in pinafore!
So I rushed home and bathe, and asked my ahbah-in-school to come and fetch me from home.
It was a...uhm...kinda.....scary ride. My, erm, very different experience. Fine, I shall keep my mouth zipped for that. Hahahaa.

We watched "Quarantine". It was kinda scary and wasn't a very pleasing thing to watch horror movie at night. Me and the birthday girl covered our face for almost half of the show.
But to my surprise, they were people LAUGHING while watching the show. Erhem. You fellas are so sick, man!
I still prefer Madagascar, even twilight should be better, but others thought it was a good show though.
I still anti-horror movie.

And after movie we had some supper at a shop near by. Everybody ordered food except me and Jianzi as we still feel the nauseousness.
When I finally reached home, it was already 2++ in the morning.
So tired, but it sure was a great day, no?

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl, wish you all the best!!