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Sunday, December 14, 2008
I'm finally back from camp!!!
It was awesome, I had soooooooo much fun with the service crew and new friends I made! Truly felt God's presence throughout the camp and was really touched by the Holy Spirit. It's not easy to explain how it feels like until you have the experience it yourself.

My roomies were Jocelyn and Lydia, very nice and sweet person. Jocelyn is a friend of my NEt member last year from Perlis, and Lydia was in the same dance and drama team with me last year! You see how amazing God is huh, instead of sharing a room with people I don't know at all, He sent me roomies that I am comfortable to sleep with. My so-called-neighbours from next door are all from the service team and you'll never know how much fun we had chatting and working together for the past few days.

Oh and yea peeps, rmb I was thrown into the pool last year?
We sort of "revenged" this year--Pastor Chris was finally thrown into the pool!!!
We actually spend 2 days planning about the "Grand Dumping Pastor Chris Event", but in the end it didn't happened as what we planned. But as long as he was thrown into the pool, duhhh, who cares about the on-going process.

The whole thing was actually super funny. It goes:
After the football match, Pastor Chris, the worship band and a few of us who was there took a group photo together, as Jeremy the photographer was already there standing by to take pictures of PR Chris kena thrown into the pool.
After the photo taking session, on the count of three, the worship band's guys quickly grabbed him and direct to the pool and on the count of three again, Pr Chris was dumped into the pool.
The crowd at the swimming pool was sooooooo excited when we carried Chris there. No one knows a thing about the plan beforehand except a few of us in charge and the band.
I had so much fun that afternoon at the pool side!

On the third day was the TNT journey. The whole journey is to let the youths understand about the situation of the poor and needy in Myanmar and those poor kids. There werere 15 stations altogether, me and Daniel was in charge of the station named "stop the trafik".
We explained to the teens what this whole thing is about and told them what they are supposed to do and to experience here.
Guess what?
They have to peel the onions without any tools and EAT IT!
All we do is to feed them onions. Some cried and some vomitted but most of them are good. Kinda pity them tho, but what to do, it's part of the game. Daniel was so excited about the whole onion-feeding program. He's so damn sick I tell you!
Plus, it was amazing how we managed to make so many guys cry in front of us. That's a record I tell you!

Our station was stationed under the hot sun at the hockey field. They're three stations here, mine, one with Eugene and Jo Ann, the other one with Chiew Yang and Jern Yi. It was super duper hot, and we could feel the heat even under the shades! And poor me got even darker after standing under the hot sun for the whole afternoon!! sobs...

This year, our t-shirt colour is bright flaming orange and the service team has to wear it during their duties.
As I was placed in the main hall and i-zone team, I have duty EVERYDAY and has to wear it almost all the time. Imagine wearing the same t-shirt for 4 long days!!
I must smell really terrible...

It was a really fun week. 5 days of camp was a little too short, how I wish we could have a 10 days camp huh.
Next year, Teenstreet is going to be divided into different zones, one at the southern, one in KL, one in Sarawak and one in Sabah. The idea of spreading the camp was good, but we don't really like it as spreading out means that you won't be able to see your friends from other states for the next camp. That really disappoints me somehow.

Anyways, Teenstreet still ROCKS!! =))

[More pictures here]
Shall upload more pictures once I've got the DVD. Wait lah people.