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Monday, April 6, 2009
Tagged by : RACHEL !!

50 first reactions

This is called 50 first reactions. Type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1. Beer: Carlsberg

2. Food: Meatball pasta

3. Relationships: Friends

4. Crush: David Archuleta

5. Power Rangers: My favourite cartoon when i was in kindergarten~

6. Life: tough yet worthwhile

7. The President: Obama

8. Yummy: Food lah what else.

9. Cars: Porsche!!

10. Movie: Transformer.

11. Halloween: pumpkins and witches

12. Sex: female

13. Religion: erm, Christianity?

14. Hate: kids that disobey what their teacher says and sombong kids

15. Fear: being thrown into the swimming pool again

16. Marriage: divorce

17. Blondes: big breast no brain

18. Slippers: flip-flops, colourful, summer beach!

19. Shoes: converse

20. Asians: short?

21. Past time: sleeping shopping eating

22. One night stand: things ppl do when they're drunk

23. My cell phone: nowhere to be found.

24. Smoke: cigar?

25. Fantasy: Final Fantasy!!

26. College: expensive $$

27. High school Life: memorable and unforgettable

28. Pajamas: Banana in da pyjamas!

29. Stars: the skies so dark that u can see all the stars clearly and count them one by one

30. Center: middle?

31. Alcohol: drunkards

32. The word love: God is Love (Amen!)

33. Friends: people who help you out when you need them most

34. Money: my monthly salary

35. Heartache: tears

36. Time: pass by so swiftly

37. Divorce: the word that hurts the most

38. Dogs: loyal but erm, i'm kinda scared of em...

39. Undies: something you wear underneath your clothes la bodoh

40. Parents: imperfect but the perfect ones for me

41. Babies: cute and chubby~

42. Ex: anything that u had before and may not want it again.

43. Song: Corrine May~

44. Color: colour pencils?

45. Weddings: Looking forward for mine, someday

46. Pizza: not so into it

47. Hangout: girl friends!!!

48. Rest: nap

49. Goal: the word that all football fan loves

50. Inspiration: no idea

Tagging nobody. Its sooooooooooo long and.......long.