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Friday, June 5, 2009
Just came back from Teenstreet yesterday. It was awesome!!

I believe a picture says a thousand words! so just count the number of pictures I posted here and times with 1000.yupp.

The first night: Random. Hahaha.
I forgot what we intend to pose at first but the outcome was great anyway. hahaha.

Piggy back!!! The first time Elyssa tried to hop on me but accidentally jumped over my back and failed terribly.

DAY 2:
Jack with his cowboy hat while Jonathan and Jared were pretty amazed by that. lol.
When the kids are having fun at the field, we were camwhoring at the basketball court =)
[from left: Elyssa, Manson, Jared, Crystal, me, Sara.]
They had the craziest ever scissors paper stone game up in the TS prayer room at night. Definitely and eye-opener for many of us, no?

While me and Eric was trying very hard to sell the TS items away! sorry la both of us are camera shy.
Day 3:
We visited the Saling home of mentally disabled kids.
I had a really hard time controlling my tears. They are pretty in His sights. The very least we can do is visit them more and pray for them.......

Day 4 : some of the JB people.

More photos at my facebook profile. Click here!