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Saturday, November 17, 2007
I remember mentioning about second link marathon in my previous post. Here's some picture i took on that day.

Before the marathon starts. Did you see? Lat's cartoon at the end of the banner. Kinda small here but the real one is kinda funny. I mean, cute.

So, have you ever WALKED pass the plaza tols like we did? Imagine thousands of people squeezing their smelly bodies through the tols....

Run people, RUN!!!

After the runner get their drinks, they just throw the rubbish all around. The whole second link bridge is covered with broken paper cups. Irresponsible human beings.

And there's even a helicopter video-ing us. My first time appearing on news!! (p/s: omg i admire my shooting skill!! heheee)

And that's about it. It was really tiring to walk 10 km within 2 hours. Yea i din make it within the time limit, but that's ok, koko teacher promised a certificate for every participants. Beyond time limit also doesn't matter. =)

Oh btw, we all kena tipu by the kk teacher. He said we are only running for the 3km fun run when we register. But when we get the T-shirt and the code only we realise that we have to run for 10 km. Stupid banana assh*le.

But if you ever get the chance to join it, do join, it is really a fantastic experience. At least you will get to know how good your stamina is. I din regret though it almost killed me.