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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's been ages since i last blogged. Thanks to the stupid exam. Last week was a terrible week. Many things happened, out of expectations. It just appear like a wind storm, strike us down and disappear.

Somebody very important of my bestie, not telling you who's the person, has passed away. It was a really unalarmed death, cause she's kinda healthy the day before. I know it hurts my friend so bad, cause it hurts me very badly, too. All of us cried during the service. To me, she's already more than a friend's mother, she is more like a friend, or maybe, a sister. She remebers everybody's birthday and never fail to greet her friends : Happy Birthday.

She's the strongest lady I've ever seen, bestest mom who loves and cares for her children very much even she is suffering from some kind of disease, which has tortured her for about 9 years. But she never complains, she face it with faith in God. Maybe God took her away and back to His side because He does not want her to suffer in this rotten world. Like my friend said, all of us love her, but God loves her more, that's why He took her back. I prefer to think it this way, at least you know she's now surrounded by angels and worshipping God with her sweetest voice in heaven happily.

It's hard for her child to accpet this bad news, but I know with God's love, they have conquer the fear. I guess parting is just part of life. All of us will experience it someday. And how stupid it is, my friend has to taste the bitterness and this young age.

It's been a week and two days after her death. In my deepest condolences, rest in peace, aunty. All of us will always miss you, and will never forget about what you've done in our lives...