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Thursday, November 29, 2007
This afternoon before I go Omega for my final tuition for this year, I realise that the flower my flower-lover-dad planted has bloomed!!! Really amazed by the pretty-ness of it. I named it "Lily of the Valley". What a wonderful name heh?
Love it sooooo much. Show you bah, let u admire it with me.

And and and, today when i take bus home after tuition, I saw this very weird person.
Notice her shade?
Mwahahahaha...I wonder if the light in the bus is so bright that she has to put it on.
Some more she looks super zhuai lorh...
It's wrong to judge people, but this fella...I had a really hard time controlling myself not to laugh...

And today my friend asked me again whether I want to go to her college's ball night or not. Hard for me to decide. RM 60 per pax! I really dun have that much with me. So i turn to my mom and asked her if she can sponsor me.
U bet, I kena scold from her saying that i always waste money and nag for hours. ARRGGHHH!!! And I'm really troubled. Hard for me to say "NO" when this is the third time she asked me to go, right?
Of course by now i have already told her I wouldn't be able to join the fun. Haix. Wonder what she's thinking now. Hope she undersands it.
What a terrible day........