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Monday, November 19, 2007
YAY YAY YAY~~ Today went to danga bay with my classmates...they are really nice i tell you, really had fun today! I believe that we are now closer friends compare to those times when i just came here.

Last night i stayed overnight at JZ's house after Kit's party. Den morning take bus from JZ's house to cs, meet up with krOx, suang, kim leong and x hui and went "tang chao" for lunch.

kimleong ordered this "hot coca-cola with ginger". He said it smells funny but he almost finished it. what the...just use your imagination skill, cocacola, boiling hot, add with ginger and lemon. grossss....

Actually we wanted to watch movie, but then the time is not suitable so we end up gai gai around at cs. and then, comes yew kit with his black ATOS. Imagine, 6 ppl,3 guys 3 girls, all squeezed into his car..almost cant breathe..It was fun but it was a really scary ride, we were so worried that traffic police might jump out and ask for duit kopi out of nowhere. Thank God it rained. Malaysian traffic police never come out for duit kopi when it's raining.(oopss.)

got nothing better to do at danga bay since it's raining out there, we went for some games. TA- DANG! de basketball-shooting-machine! This is currently the lowest record ever i think.

And the guys din wanna lose face in front of girls had another game! now the result is much better.

When the going gets tough,the tough goes shopping! here's de girls. de guys shy shy din take picture with us. thanks to krOx, he took this pic for us.

Oh and i bought this! nice leh? but i heard a guy said it's very ugly. smack him lah no manners.(from left:hui en, me, phay su.) notice her price tag. =P

of course, we never let go the chance of taking picture in the toilet!

errmm, i'm not sure whether he's gonna see this picture anot. Hope he wont come and view my blog lo.or else i'll be so dead..btw, he's our "lao da"..reaaaally sorry if lao da is here reading this post..haha..dun blame me, it wasnt me who took this pic!! We're having our hi-tea at dunno what restaurant at danga bay by the way.

Amazingly, God stopped the rain! 10 of us went for cycling ecept jz. She thinks it's a waste of money. hmmm kinda agree with her, but it is not easy to get so many of us to go cycling together, and so i went cycling with them. hahaha and yea, we left JZ to shop alone in the festive hall.

actually we wanted to ride a 3 person bike,but then it's so hard to control,so we end up pairing up 2 by 2 for 2 person's bike. Yixiang with krOx, me with laoda, hui en with phay su, xianhui with kimleong (according to them, these 2 are playing broke back mountain, they were missing for the first 20 minutes...what happened,u guess la...), and shi jie with suang. It really required some skills to cycle with another person lo, i thought i was going to fall down but loongshing said must trust him..hahaha..of course it didn't happen, he really has got some skills. =)

Din take picture with them leh cos we were all busy cycling. when we passed by the seaside, they screamed like crazy people..All the people around just stared at us as if we are monkeys escaped from zoo..lolx..

It was super duper tiring, if u are at the front sit. LS complained that his hand very tired all along our ride. For me it's still ok, cos the people sitting in front has to use more energy, to balance the bike and so on, me sitting at the back was really enjoying, just that he blocked almost all the wind lo...

After the ride, everybody was screaming for the same thing---our butt cramped!! cant feel a thing when we got down form the bike. It's been really a while since i last cycle.hahahaha but it was really, really fun!!

took a pic with suang after that. here u go.

X hui, famous with his sweaty-ness. he scolded me "sam pat" for taking this picture....sobs....

I really had fun this 2 days. Thank you people for making this 2 days a total blast!!!

I'm grateful. =)