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Monday, March 24, 2008
So, friends, I can now officially D-R-I-V-E!!!

I pass my driving test!!!!

Joy to the world!!!

While I was waiting for my turn, yu wen text me and asked how was my test.
So nice of her.

After my test, I text her saying: "walao......"
I did not mention whether I pass or failed.
Wanted to trick her and the whole class.

And this girl so smart and did not get tricked.
She replied: "Eh leh. Dun jia si la. Sure pass one then come and trick me. hahaha."
Smart fella.

Sobs, I didn't know I'm so lousy at tricking others. Gotta learn more from Jennifer, she's really good at it and I got tricked all the time.

I was thinking, oh well, never mind, only one girl knows I failed, maybe I shall trick the whole class tomorrow when I'm back to school.
But after a while she told me that the others knew I'm tricking them when I sms her the "walao..." thingy.

Again! Proven that my classmates are damn smart people.

Anyway, today is still a memorable day for me!
Thank God I pass, or else another 100 bucks will fly away from my wallet.

What a nice day~

p/s: sorry for not blogging bout the tioman trip. Will post it soon after I get those pictures we took. Oh and peeps, the TeenStreet camp pictures are up!