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Saturday, February 23, 2008
SSI long awaited sportsday is finally here!

23rd of February, a very very big day for my house, Raja Muda.

WE won the first place!!

After loosing like God-knows-how-many-years. (yes, this house has been the loosing team for many many years..)
Dare you say that its not us the newcomers who brought them luck? Hahaha...
The name of the house sounds so un-glam though, compared to the previous house I was in during secondary school. "St Xaviers" definitely sounds a whole lot better.

Speaking of Convent, it's been ages since i last visited the juniors. Awwww convent-sick again. How i miss those days.

And it made me miss Convent's sports day even more when the events started!

Can you imagine, only like, 1/4 of the students came for sports day?
And they are not really bothered about the events going on at the field.
Plus, nobody is cheering for their own team!
Goodness gracious, tha has never happened in Convent!

And so I decided to scream and cheer for my house like a maniac, like I used to be.
Ever so semangat St. Xavierers huh? =)
At first the people were like, oh gosh, what the heck is wrong with you screaming at the top of your voice?
But soon, some of the sixth formers deceided to join me!
And more and more people started to scream and cheer for their own team, and this sportsday is becoming more like a sportsday!
I'm very contagious, I know.

But erm, the craziness is still not enough. If you saw me on sportsday this year and you think i'm crazy, gosh, you'd probably faint if you know how I was like for the past few sportsdays.

Just for your information, I joined marching AGAIN!
After being in a marching team for three years in secondary, and started teaching the juniors marching for 4 years since form 2, this is the lamest marching team I have ever been in.
I must say that the Convent's Form1s and Form2s can march way better than this team.
Way more semangat too.
Duh, I shoudn't say anymore.
Our initial intention on joining was just to get extra coco marks, so its perfectly alright if we march like crap.
Sorry if that pissed you off, I just wanna say what's on my mind.

Anyway, I had an enjoyable day with my friends!
According to them this is the first time they had so much fun during sportsday.
I was lucky to be in Convent, the ever-so-strong-team-spirit and our faithfulness to our houses and how we go crazy during sportsday. All these are very treasurable memories to me.
You wouldn't know how much i appreciate God for putting me into Convent.
His plans are perfect, don't you believe that.

Oh oh oh and I was in 4x100m P20 team B~~
First time ever I'm running for my house.
Hahahahahahahahaha of course we din win that, but we don't really mind. Not beyond expectations you know, the others like Patricea and Cui Shan, they don't run, they actually TELEPORT.

Hahahaha what a nice day~

photos will be updated soon.