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Thursday, March 6, 2008
3rd of march is definitely a big day for both JENNIFER and me.

As for Jennifer, it's her 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!
Happy Birthday darling, hope you are doing fine at aussie. I know you are so home sick and you missed me alot. Didn't you? =)
Will blog about her in the next post. The little emo girl i've known for 7 years.

And as for me, it was the day of my first semester test!
Guess what?
I have four papers, at one go, in one day.
Crazy school. Bluh.

Chemistry was a total killer. Only 3 long structure question, but most of us cant even answer one of the questions. Including me. I flip through the question and completely gave up.
And I heard many people giggling at the back. Hahaha I guess the whole class were stunned by the super tough question.
Oh and this is, I guess, first time ever in the history, that everybody sleeps during the paper!
Cause if you don't understand the question and have totally no idea on how to solve it, why waste your time thinking about the question? It wont help anyway.
So the only thing that worth doing is, S-L-E-E-P!

Plus, my chemistry teacher is a total sucko who nevert teach properly.
Nobody understands what he said in the class. His English+Melayu language is a total pain.
Plus, he only use power point presentation as his teaching materials!!
If forcing us watching those idiotic video clips is considered as teaching, then i think anybody in the primary school can be our teacher.
Damn sick. Bluh.

Don't think I'll pass this paper, that'd kinda be a miracle if screwing the question can make you pass. Hahaha.

Oh and, i'll have my proper driving test on monday, 10/3/2008.
BIG DAY for me!
Pray pray pray for me. =)

Somany tests these days. Arggghhh!!!