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Sunday, April 6, 2008
A baby was born on 8th of March, the day that changed the whole Malaysia a.k.a the election day!

Meet ZI KUAN! (not too sure about the spelling, but whatever it is, you should pronounce it this way.) He's the first kid of our beloved Brother Voonie!

Words can't describe much about his cuteness with my limited literacy. Here's the picture of this lovely baby!!

And he was kinda tired when I'm taking picture of him, and he fell asleep soon after.
Nice huh, babies only live to eat and sleep, plus pee and poo.
I also want to be a baby! Life is way easier. Sleep, wake up, eat, sleep, pee, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

And this is the papa of ZI KUAN. This picture was taken last wek when he stepped on some unknown sharp item when we walk to plaza pelangi for lunch, and he was screaming all the way.
Poor thing.

Anyways, congratulations to Voonie and BeeChoo!!
May God bless this little angel!! =)