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Saturday, April 5, 2008
Went to Euro Fun Park yesterday with JC, Yi Xiang (its a HE, can you believe it? Lolx) , Yuki, Xian Hui aka my dad, Jia Yie and Kai Chien. I had so much fun with all these hilarious people and laughed till I could laugh no more.

Entrance fee is RM3 for adult and RM2 for kids. Me and Jia Yie even act like 12 years old kids and asked the counter girl if we could pay the entrance fee at the kid's rate. I wonder why she did not got tricked by us. I thought I still look like 12 years old, no?

Me, JC, dad and Jia Yie reach earlier and had a look around before the other 3 arrive. Not many people there when we arrived cause it's only 7.30 and I guess many people are still having dinner at home. JC found the Merry-Go-Round lovely and climbed on it secretly from the side. Childish fella.
We only managed to try a few rides there. Too costly for poor students like us. Plus, we are not so confident with the rides there.
Me and JC were thinking, are the parts screwed up tight enough? And will the wire suddenly break? stuffs like that.So we did not try those thrilling ones that throw people up and down and those that makes you upside down on ten feet high. Too thrilling for us.

To be honest, the one that I'm afraid of the most is Ferry's Wheel.
I dunno why but I am darn afraid of sitting in those little cubicles since young. Plus I'm afraid of being at high places.

Anyways, somehow I do think that my photo shooting skill aint so bad!
Nice right?

And that was Yi Xiang with his gun trying to shoot the round plate on top of the bottle. His initial target was actually the guy standing at the side.

That was my dad at the left and Yuki at the right. This two bravo were so excited of the thrilling ride called VORTEX or something like that. We could actually hear them screaming when they were thrown upside down.

That's dad and JC posing. And Jia Yie taking picture.

And I won myself a little present at some random games.It's a lovely little teddy bear. I'm the only person that got present!! Woohooo!After that, we went for steamboat! It was already 9.40 when we decided to go for dinner+supper at the steamboat restaurant nearby. Crazy people. Hahaha but I was starving at that time because I did not eat anything for dinner. So was Jia Yie.

And there were a few singers singing on stage with those super mini skirts. The guys were all trying to see if they were wearing under pants and kept looking at their butt and gave comments like : "Yer, why the underpants longer than their skirts one? Aiyo can see her underpants liao lo..." etc.

No comment on that. But their singing are simply horrible. Spoiled my appetite totally.

Still a fun experience for me!

What a fun night I have. =)