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Thursday, June 25, 2009
So, yesterday was the last day of my teaching career. My standard 6 boys bought me a really stupid gift for me but the words they wrote on it really touched me.

Sorry if you cant read Chinese, I'm just way too lazy and tired to translate it now.

And FYI, I'm leaving JB for Melaka this Sunday cos uni starts this Sunday.
So I was busy certifying all the documents and doing all the preparations, medical check up and etc.
It's so so so frustrating and I'm totally exhausted after 2 long days of running here and there.
Lucky its almost done now, thank God.

Then comes the best, or the worst part.
The war zone , area of devastation, chaos , confusion , crisis zone, desolation, disaster relief area, earthquake zone, emergency area, flood zone, havoc, hot spot, path of destruction, scene of destruction, storm center, whatever you call it.
I still call it "my lovely peaceful comfy and harmony bedroom".
And mind you, its only DAY 1.

Ta-dang!! DAY 2!
Seems like the more I clean and pack the greater havoc I create.

my writing table is none better than my room.

I must settle everything by this week and its seriously killing me.
oh God.
I am beginning to wonder did i pack too much unnecessary items.

ok enough blogging. Back to packing =X