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Monday, July 6, 2009
yes yes, I'm in Uni now. Currently there's still no Internet access in my hostel area so i couldn't update bout my uni life.

Anywayz, I'm beginning to love my uni! Met alot of nice people here, nice and cute seniors (heheh), course mates, ppl from the same faculty but diff course and all. Its all good over here, so no worries k. Though the facilities are not as good as those private U, of course, but as a local U, trust me, its among the best you can find in our country.

Lets start with my faculty. I'm in Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and in this entire fac,there are only 8 chines girls in year 1. The course I'm majoring in is BEKP, also known as Electrical Engineering (Industry Power). In the first year, most of the subjects are the same for all courses in this fac.
But damn sad case, I'm the only Chinese in this course. I'll meet another 2 Chinese girls and my ex-class monitor during some of the lecture class.

Next, my hostel. Its a double storey Terese house, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 2 of the rooms are for 2 and the other 2 rooms has 4 persons staying each. I'm lucky to be in one of the rooms that only 2 person stays. But with only 3 bathrooms available and there are 12 of us, imagine how fast we have to bath. My housemates are basically Malays, only 2 Chinese. Which, is lucky enough, cause my friend next door is the only Chinese girl in her house. Not being racist, but that's the fact you can never deny that most people are more comfortable with people of the same race, no?

And oh btw, I'm joining Extreme Sports Club!!! Its sure going to be fun!! and i cant wait!!
hahahaha ok thats all for now. Gotta rush to my class now.

Take care people, and miss me more often!!
I shall be back soon with more pictures of my uni and orientation!
P/S : orientatioin was really boring. All i remember is I kept on dozed off and was captured by my friends. Damn sueh can!

See you guys round.