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Sunday, August 2, 2009
To all my fellow Johoreans buddies, JOY TO THE WORLD, XIANG YI IS BACK!!

hahahaha. ok la perasan a bit. My mid sem break has been brought forward thanks to H1N1, which means I won't get to rest after my Test 1, and I can't go for holidays. How GREAT is that huh.

Anyway, here's some update.

2 weeks ago Jon and Ivan came to Melaka and paid me a visit! They brought me to yumcha at some random shop near Bukit Beruang on Monday night. My tea tested a bit funny but Jon's Tiramisu was nice!!
Wednesday night went for Satay Celup at Bachang with them again, and Ivan's cousin Julia. The food was great, better than that famous Capitol, I must say.
Only thing is that the stupid Ivan kept making fun of my good appetite. Ass la him.

Oh but no pictures, cause I was too busy eating my yummy satay. hahaha. Maybe shall ask him to bring me there again =)

Some of my lecture class has to be combined with other classes, due to some unknown reasons. So 3 out of 6 lecture class I'm joining with BEKE people, and also our beloved ex-ketua tingkatan aka JC aka xiao krox!

This picture is so so so so so so so so precious ok, cause this is probably the first time he is paying attention during lectures!!
Doesn't he deserve a round of applause?

And this is me, and my coursemate Cecillia, during some lab lessons. But both of us could not care less--the lecturer doesn't understands what she was trying to say also, I bet on 100 bucks.
This is most people do in her class : listening to music, or camwhoring. Oh and the guys are even worse, they just dozed off.

Went to Dataran Pahlawan, the newest shopping complex in Melaka ( idk, but I guess so) with Lee Mun on Tuesday. We wanted to buy a new bible since both of us did not bring our bible to Melaka. On our way we passed by the Christ Church of Melaka!! And saw lots and lots of overdecorated rickshaw with DiGi's yellow umbrella!! Wonder why they agree to use it on their rickshaw, so unmatching.......

oh and I saw these really cute watches in DP!!! wanted to buy one for myself but Mun kept saying its super childish..Ok I admit I'm a little too old for this..

That's all for now, hopefully will upodate more soon. Depends on how my holiday goes =)