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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Just now went shopping with mom at Tebrau City.

I desperately need a new luggage.
Am going for a camp this Saturady for 6 days but the campsite does not provide anything other than a bed. Which means I have to bring my own pillow, pillow case, bedsheet and blanket. Stupid!!!!
And myluggage is not big enough to squeeze all that in.
Poor me gotta buy a new one.

When we were walking around looking for the Samsonite shop, there i saw a guy whom i used to think is the most handsome guy i have ever seen.
But I was totally shocked when i saw him. Couldn't recognize him at all at the first peek.
I was thinking: " Oh my God this guy looks crap."
Spiky golden hair. Shorts. Slipper. Piercing.
Wait a minute. His piercing looks so familiar. Not many people pierced at that part.
So I curiously turned back and glance at him.
I almost screamed "OH MY GOD!!!!" when i realise that he is that guy i used to admire. Gosh. His reputation all spoiled liao loh.
Looks really scary.
Prefer his looks when he was in Form 5.
I miss those times!!!!

People do change, some changes may be good but some are really disaster.
If the changes didn't make us any better, it's better we dont change.
That's what I think.

Oh by the way, I have no offence yea. Do not take it personal. =)