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Sunday, February 10, 2008
Happy CNY!!!

Holidays are almost over, though i din really had a good rest but at least i had fun during this short break. Good enough la, compare to those who din go anywhere for hols.

Me and my family went to CAMERON HIGHLAND!!
The weather there was really, really cool.

All the people there has rosey pinky cheeks. Especially the kids. God knows how much i wanted to pinch them.

But it comes to a really disaster at night. It was so damn cold there that you will still shiver even wearing 2 jackets.

Dad says it dropped to 14(or maybe even less than) degree Celsius at night. It was freezling cold I tell you, but it's ok for me, I prefer freezling cold compare to hot burning sun.

By the way, nessa, how's de summer over there at Aussie?


The house of orang asli. Some random view.
Now here's the challenge. Pronounce it!
Me and the mascot of The Big Red Strawberry Farm. He looks funny huh.

And we had our tea break at the strawberry farm there. The deserts are heavenly~

The strawberry waffle is a must try! Sundae was great too. But don't order fried ice cream, its the factory product that you can get from any hypermarket out there.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a whole new semester. Hope I will be more hardworking. Hahaha sounds tough heh?