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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Our beloved Vanessa is going to Australia this Tuesday, 22nd of January. Might be migrating there since all her siblings are settled down in Melbourne.

Gonna really miss her alot lorh... As you know, she's always the little monkey in our church who jumps around screaming here and there and spread the laughter all over. Not saying that she's very annoying, but how many people actually do that when they are already like, 17 years old?

She's always the helpful girl, trying to help as much as she could. She loves screaming "xiang yi!!!!" whenever she sees me walk by. Kinda embarassing, hahaha, but now I wish that I could hear her scream my name once again. I gotta wait for ONE MORE YEAR still she returns.

I'm gonna miss her laughter, her jokes, her voice and of course, her room. Have been staying over for God-knows-how-many-times. Hahaha.

What a special friend I have! I really thank God for the time we spent together.

Jia you nessa!!! All the best in Aussie!!!!!! and I will miss you. Alot. T_T