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Monday, December 31, 2007
HAPPY 2008!!

Kinda late but, Happy new year everybody! I had a fun night on 31st December 2007 with lots of fun people.

Went for Rachel's birthday party at her house. She invited almost the whole school I tell you. Her dad was nice enough to fetch me and Jennifer at Tebrau City cause we both has no transport to her house, and also dunno how to go to her house. Took some pictures with the birthday girl, which will appear later in the post.

And then, we went to church for watch night service, which starts at ten. Guess what time we reach there? About eleven o'clock. We punctual people. XD

Saw fireworks at 12.00 a.m. , I think that was from Danga Bay. Crazy people only go and squeeze at Danga Bay-- traffic jam like crazy, people squeeze like sardine tin, taxi expensive like anything. Brother went there last year, and guess how much does it costs? RM 200 per taxi! And when he reach home, it's already 3 am plus in the morning.

Anyway, back to the fireworks. We saw, or maybe should use the word "heard", cause we couldn't really see it due to our height and the view was kinda blocked by the surrounding buildings. I saw a lil bit though, managed to run to the other side of the church where the view is better. Woohoo!
Poor nessa, when she ran to where I was, the fireworks ended. Kesian betul.

Oh and the best part is when I go Jennifer's house to stay overnight. If you read my posts often, you will realise that i went to many people's house to stay overnight. As for jennifer, I started to stay overnight at her house since FORM 1. Hehehe so nice of her and her family. Oh and I played her brand new Nintendo Wii, which her brother brought from Aussie. My first time playing Wii!! It was soooooooooooooooooooooo nice but I lost for almost all the game we played. Sigh. What to do, first time mah. Hahaha.

The birthday girl with the heavenly chocolate flavour ice-cream cake made by Agnes.
Rachel, me and Jennifer. We draw and we draw and we draw on her pretty face.
We were kinda drunk that night, that explains what happened in this picture.

Happy 2008 everyone! MWAH~

Oh yes I'm drunk. XD