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Friday, February 15, 2008
Yesterday, 14th of February, was a BIG DAY for me.
Indeed, it was a big day for the whole 6A Sn 1 and some girls from Sn2.

Our beloved class monitor,Mr krox aka JC, organized an activity of exchanging presents. All participants draw number from krox and pair up with the other person of the opposite sex who has the same number, and exchange presents in front of the classroom when your number is called.

After exchanging presents,the guys even requested us girls to open up the presents in front of the class.
We burst into laughter when the first girl opened her present.

Guess what?
It was a toilet brush, with a roll of toilet tissue. Plus, nicely wrapped with a nice flower-print wrapper.

And you know what did the other guys bought?

One bought a scrubbing brush, another bought a toilet brush(the kind of brush that your mom used to brush toilet bowls), and others bought all kinds of funny kitchen ware and toiletries. Oh and one guy even bought a very funny looking goggles and he put it in a very very big box, and nicely wrapped.
I pity the girl who exchange presents with him.

Stupid guys.

Here's now another strong proof that guys has totally NO BRAIN.
Do not fight back, you know you are so agree with me.

But erm,I do hope that I will not get any present like this anymore in the future.
I don't think that anybody will ever give such present to a girl on Valentine's day.
That's really, really stupid!!
Surprising enough though.

That is the very special, one and only present I got from HIM.
A black colour mousetrap!
You should see how my face was like when I opened the wrapper. I wish I could stranggle him.
It was so nicely wrapped till I didn't expect I will get something like that.
So surprising huh.

I thank him for the present though, he put in alot of effort on wrapping it.
But I still feel like stranggling him. Hahahahaha...

I had a very fantastic Valentine's day this year! Thank you all the guys for those so called "presents".
But at the very least, we had a good laugh.

Happy Valentine's day!!
Tho it's already kinda late.