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Monday, April 14, 2008
I'm freaking out!!!

Thanks to the stupid dumb ass MUET project!

I squeezed every ounce of energy left with me and tomorrow is my presentation. I'm so dead boy, I hadn't memorize any single part of the presentation.

Plus, my mid term is coming!! Gosh. Why all the exams come at the same time? I cant even watch my favourite anime now. *Sobs*

And I guess I won't be blogging anymore until my exams are all over. In case you are wondering is xiang yi dead ( like Jennifer thought), no. I'm now standing firm here telling you that xiang yi is not dead YET, but VERY SOON.

Don't miss me too much yea people, I will be back, if, I managed to survive my mid term. Or else, well, I might close my blog. Mom has been continuously brain-washing me on how important STPM is, and every time I switch the PC on I'll be nagged at. Sighz. You know exactly how it feels like, no?

Till then, take care yea people.

Oh and for those who just graduated, I sincerely welcoming you to Form 6.
It's super tiring, but at the same time you will get to learn a lot. It's very different from Secondary school.