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Monday, April 14, 2008

Today when Mr shinn entered the classroom, he and Mr YX kept giggling at themselves.
Everyone was like : Gosh, what on earth is wrong with this two fellas?
They kept saying there's nothing happening but hell you know that is just so fake.

Then PS and Yuki went and ask for food from Mr YX. When PS opened the container, she almost had the greatest shock of her life--there's a dead cockroach in it!!

And just so you know, the dead cockroach is actually not a dead cockroach but a fake cockroach that almost resembles the real dead cockroach.
The whole class burst into laughter but oh boy, dont you know that April Fool is officially O-V-E-R?!

Shinn, who has another fake cockroach, tried to scare me with that lil thing in his hand. When I walk back to my seat from PS.
Honestly, you think xy so stupid huh?

I still couldnt believe that guys at the age of 19+ still do things like that. No wonder people say boys never grow up. So true, man.

hahaha.But I did have a good laugh though.

by the way, tioman's pictures are up! There are more to come but I need more time and you've gotta wait patiently. =)