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Saturday, December 22, 2007
As i promised earlier, here's some picture on my baptism!
By the way, today is my birthday also!
Isn't it amazing that God arranged me to get baptized on my very special birthday?
Not many people has this kind of opportunity you know...
I'm grateful =D
Thank you God, truly you are great!

Nessa, me and Elyssa.

Confirmation of Faith.
Me and mommy and flowers from friends. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Presents I get for my baptism. From left: (bouquet of flowers) From MYF a.k.a Methodist Youth Fellowship, Mrs Ignatius, Rachel and the Chan's family.

The ang pau is from my dearest mommy! Got a new bible from church also. And of course presents from friends. I nearly cried just now, hope nobody realise...hehehe...

What a wonderful 17th birthday. Thank you everyone who sms-ed me and greeted me!

xiang yi is finally 17! =D