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Monday, December 24, 2007
Last night was a CRAZY night.

My high school Biology teacher a.k.a Mrs Doreen and her family(a.k.a. the Chan's family) gave me a big surprise when me and the others went to her house for caroling.

She baked a birthday cake for me! And also Jacqueline, the other girl who was born on the same day.

And everybody in the house and the fellow caroling team sang us a birthday song. I told myself not to cry but tears just roll down my cheek. So dem touched. But arrggghhh so malu you know....Crying in front of so many church members is really E-M-B-A-R-A-S-S-I-N-G!

And Uncle Gordon (Nessa's dad) was sick enough to take pictures of me crying. Now i know where nessa got her genes from.

We went 5 houses for caroling that night. Super tired, the first few houses prepared lots and lots of nice food and we kept eating and eating and eating. Eat until so tired. Hahahaha I think I'm a few kg heavier now.

One thing that Nessa noticed is that when we finish singing the Christmas carols, we are actually supposed to walk around and shake hand with the house master and family and their guests, but no, the boys actually rushed to the food right after they sang finish the songs. That's rather rude, but Nessa finds it funny.

After everything is over, Edwin fetched us to Mrs Doreen's house again. We nearly lost our way there, his sense of direction is dem poor. I used to think that guys are better than girls, but he sort of changed my mind.
Nessa's parents are still there, celebrating Christmas at her house with some other friends of the Chan's family. And I'm staying over at nessa's place cause my house is like so far away.

It was super fun at their house and also super tiring. Watched The Simpsons Movie also. I know, that movie crap alot but it kinda makes us laugh though.

Wanna say a big THANK YOU here to Mrs Doreen, Uncle Ben, Esther, Vincent and Elyssa. Thank you very very much for the birthday surprise. And thank you for making the birthday girl cry...

And also those who greeted me, thank you.

The birthday girls.

The carolers and the FOOD! Heavenly FOOD!

It was a fantastic night. Thanks everyone!

I had a fantastic 17th birthday, I really did.

Love ya all~muacks to everybody~