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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Xiang yi is sick AGAIN!

And this time, I suppose its the worst time ever for the past 17 years of my life.

Wednesday morning I woke up and feeling uneasy. Throat was a bit itchy, and I felt kinda dizzy. But well, I thought I would be alright and I attended school as usual. When I reach school, muahahaha, my voice is totally G-O-N-E!

And our stupid assistant monitor was so nice that he showed me the "good" signal when he found out that I lost my voice. So nice of you,Mr shinn, I will remember you for that.

After recess, things got worse. I felt extremely dizzy and I need to cling onto somebody in order to walk. Wait, I don't think I walked. I think my friends dragged me from one classroom to another.

I totally collapsed after my library duty that afternoon. After swallowing 2 panadols, I slept until the next morning, without having my dinner. Fu-yoh! I'd call that a record.

Thursday morning I almost shocked myself to death when I struggled to bathroom for wash up. My face was extremely red, plus my skin tone is naturally black, I thought I saw 包青天!! And I immediately took a thermometer and stucked into my mouth and was shocked for the second time. 40 degree Celsius!! Another record for me.

Just so you know, I stayed home sleeping for the whole day. Woke up for lunch(didn't really eat though), and sleep again until dad got back from work and took me to doctor. Advice from doctor is, drink more water, finish all the antibiotics and the liquid medicine, plus DO NOT TALK FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS. Don't talk!? You know how miserable it feels like when you are banned from talking, especially for someone so talkative, someone like me?

Friday was terrible. Even though I still feel like dying but still gotta go to school for a very important chemistry experiment. Lucky I have a good partner yu wen who did almost everything for me. A big Thank You to you! =D

Thank God I didn't break any apparatus like I did last time when I was ill. Thank God again for our group was among the few who managed to complete the experiment successfully.

Life like this continued for 3 days. Sunday afternoon only began to feel better, but not fully recovered yet. Medicine already finished but still not yet recover. Maybe I shall change my family doctor huh? Haha.

Now only I realise how important health is. People, take good care of yourself yea! Don't fall sick like I did. It was AWFUL.

Oh and of course not forgetting to thank the jie-jies like wern cui and xinyi for constantly showing their concern. Thank you sooooooooo much! love you peeps much.

p/s: I'm still coughing terribly. Any recommendation on what should I take to ease the pain?

I was this sick. *RAWR*