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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That's what you'd hear in the theatre when watching KUNGFU PANDA.
Yupp, I've watched it today, finally!!!!
It was awesome. (like they said, attracted by his awesomeness and attractiveness)
Definitely a must-watch movie for this year!
Not gonna comment much about this show, go and watch it yourself and get ready to laugh until stomachache.
Nice x 10000000000000.

Me and Wern Cui went to CS this afternoon after school just to catch that show.
Had lunch at "Tang Tea" and we two were talking talking talking all the way from classroom to bus stop until we finally settled down in the theatre.
Girls chat (or rather, gossip!) a lot, I must say.
It is soooooooo fun to talk to somebody like her. Honestly. lols~

Btw, this year got sooooooooooooooooo many nice nice movie that is releasing soon!!
The Mummy, Hancock, Wall.e, Batman, etc etc etc.
All are very nice show but damn lah, this year got major exam, can go and watch all of them.
Plus, I'm soooooo broke now.
Probably because I played way too much.

Oh and yea, I failed 2 out of 4 subjects for my mid-term.
Actually I failed 3 but my Physics teacher happened to be so kind and add a few marks to my paper and passed me!!
If you ask me if I'm disappointed with my results, I'd say yes.
But then its expected la, cause I din put in alot of effort like some others do.
But the whole class has more or less results like this lo, all failed at least 2 subjects except the two very smart fellas.
Not gonna mention their names here, but its very obvious who they are if you're in Upper 6 SSI this year.

Really gotta work hard liao!!! (I've been telling myself this for God-knows-how-many-times)
Everybody facing major exam this year, JIA YOU JIA YOU~~