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Friday, May 16, 2008
It's TEACHERS' DAY! Btw its my LAST teachers' day. Sighs.

We had a celebration in school. Not many people attended as usual, but the performance of the Upper 6 was a blast!

Guess what?
We had a fashion show!!
And the fashion show, is about how the teachers wear during the 70's ad 80's.
This two guys were posing like mad on the stage and trust me, if they were born 20 years earlier, they must be the hottest rock stars or idols among all the young girls!

That's Mr Yuki on the left, Mr Handsome on the right.

You should see their performance on stage. You will never ever forget that scene. So hilarious and the crowd was laughing all the way.

And the Upper 6 sitiing in the hall, decided to scream and cheer for them!

Everybody screamed at the top of our lungs and apparently I lost my voice after the fashion show. Haha.

To us, they look more like the students wanted to go to pub after school than teachers. And have you ever seen teachers posing everywhere they go?

Someone said : "Wah today must be the day that Mr Yuki looks most handsome in his life!"
Hahaha I couldn't agree more.

That's almost everybody involved after the fashion show. The rest changed back to school uniform way too fast and missed out the chance of taking picture together.
Too bad.

And most of the pictures are with my friends. I didn't take much picture cause my phone has very limited space. Shall grab it from my friends and post it here SOON.

I'm missing the fun now already....
heheh...Thanks to everybody that has made this concert(or whatever) a success!

Backstage crew, performers, photographers and everybody involved, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!