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Friday, May 16, 2008
On the 15th, I went to Euro Fun Park, AGAIN!!
On the occasion of celebrating the birthday of two very special friend of mine.
Jia Yie and Susu, one on the 14th and the other on the 15th.
Same kaki, and with some friends that din join us for the previous time.

Eat your heart out Tze Yin, I know you are so jealous of me now. Hahaha~

But it was kinda tiring for me though, went for two tuitions in the afternoon which starts at 2.30 and ends at 7.00. And I went there right after tuition, without going back home and get change. The guys were like : "Eeeeeee, you so smelly~~"

Your head! I smell more fragrant than you all even without bathing.

And thanks to Lim who balanja-ed me waffle and kaya balls! I was complaining "Hungry hungry~I'm so hungry~" all the way and probably he couldn't take it anymore and decided to give me a treat. So nice of him.

And after that, we went for STEAMBOAT again!
I think the manager of the shop can already recognise us, cause we've been there for God-knows-how-many-times.

And here's some picture at the fun fair we took the last time we went.

I dunno why, but people seems to love puking on me.

KaiChien, Me and JiaYie~

Poser poser poser~

And here's some we took in school for Susu's birthday.

Happy 19th Birthday to our beloved Susu and Jia Yie!!
It's your last birthday with the initial "1".
While I still have 2 more to go!
I feel so young~