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Sunday, August 30, 2009
Just realised that I've loose tracks of many of my good friends' life.
No, it's so not a good thing.

I guess distance is really a problem, or maybe because I'm spending lesser and lesser time online nowadays.
sigh. BIG ONE.

I miss my convent buddies, I guess, no wait, I HOPE they miss me the same way I missed them too. But how strange, people whom you talk to most of the time during those days could appear to be the one who makes you feel uncomfortable to be with now.
Weird, but common. And not funny at all.

I wish i could turn back time. I wish I have a time machine. Then I would treasure them more and take more effort to keep in touch with them.
But it all seems like rubbish now. Its way too late now.

I guess I've gotta learn this lesson and start to really KEEP IN TOUCH with people I really treasure starting from this second onwards.

I miss all of you, so so so much.

[I wish i could turn back time. I wish I have a time machine.]