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Thursday, August 27, 2009
This whole week has been a major disaster to most of us, thanks to our mid term test.

I slept around 3 o'clock in the morning and woke up at 5 EVERYDAY, thanks to my oh-so-beloved malay roommate who needs to wake up early and have breakfast before puasa.

It shortens my sleeping time, I can sleep till 7.15 am if it wasn't for her.


Last night was our first Computer programming test. 3 faculties were having the test at the same time, and so we did the test at our sports complex instead of our own faculty's lecture hall. And I tell you, the paper was SUPER DUPER TOUGH!!!

Reminds me of how I answered my chemistry paper back in Form 6.

Just. scribble. and. scribble. and. scribble.

Oh and the exam hall was super frizzing cold...my poor fingers were all frozen and shivering, which was totally unexpected since we are using our campus's sports complex which wasn't supposed to be this cold.

After that, as usual, its CAMWHORING TIME!!

Tadang!! the blacks and whites of FKE!! Ivy was taking picture and stephy was discriminated because she was wearing LONG SLEEVE and was not frozen like we did. hehe.

ahhhhh thats all for now. SO tired. As quoted by our famous JC boy,

" Life is meaningless. Uni is meaningless. Everything is meaningless. "
-- JC Krox (1989--present)

cant agree more. haiz.