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Friday, September 4, 2009
Early this morning my class monitor Mr Ujang approached me and say : "Eh xiang, I rasa you punya C++result mesti kurang elok."

I was pretty amazed by that, how did he find out I screwed that whole paper?

So I wait, and he continued his story : "Sebab kan hari itu kita orang ambil test waktu malam? you kan XIANG, malam bukan masa untuk awak la..."

fyi, xiang=siang = day time.

I was like =.= when he told me that. What . the . heck . So lame lo hahahahhaa...

Oh ya today I had my electronic device paper.
Honestly, it wasn't really that hard. Not that kind of kick ass hard that makes you scratch your head until you turn botak kind of hard. No no.
If, you have a good lecturer who provides good lecturer notes.
Sadly, my lecturer sucks. To the max.
Which causes my understanding of that subject nearly equals zero after all these months.

Summarize all that into one sentence.

God, save me.