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Friday, September 11, 2009
I have a lot a lot a lot of pictures of my uni's prom night, which was held on 5th of september at puteri resort, but sadly the uploading speed here is patheticly low here in my hostel area, perhaps will upload them when I'm back in JB this Wednesday.


call me out for yumcha all JB people, I'll be around until, erm, 26? yupp.

oh and ya, I joined MoonFest as committee and also will be performing for Convo this year!! Both activities are on october, means that I'm gonna be super busy with all that for one month. hehehe hope I wont screw my final paper. Pray for me =)

today went to 2 McDonalds cause we wanted to use the wifi service. Sadly, the McD at Melaka Sentral got NO WIFI SERVICE while the one in Dataran Pahlawan has some stupid errors, and they said its BEYOND THEIR CONTROL.

Which means we carriedour super heavy laptop rushing here and there one whole day and end up did nothing thanks to McDonald extremely friendly service. Brilliant.

So tired now. Who says Uni life is easy and relaxing?